Internationally published Polish Fashion and Portrait Photographer currently residing in London. Born in 1991. Graduated from Audiovisual Engineering at University of Glasgow in 2014. In her work she is combining her love for bohemian aesthetisc, fashion and portraiture. In her fashion photography she is telling short narratives exploring themes of magic, folklore &rockn’roll.

Clients: Stradivarius, Zoe Irwin, Framboise Fashion, SEIKO, LXA Collection, Riennahera, The Social Hunter, Clubbable.

Publications: LUCY'S Magazine, The Editorial QC, Elegant Magazine, Kodd Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Majestigal Mag, Fade Magazine, Whim Online Magazine, Sheeba Magazine, Bloomsboory Magazine, Atoms, Pellicola Magazine, Too Many Humans and Scotland Outdoors Magazine